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About us

Following many years of experience dealing with supply chains from around the world, Boniplas Ltd has developed into a market leading organization, supplying high quality PVC and related products to distributors and wholesalers across the UK and Europe.

You will find that as a family run business we understand the needs of our customers and value trust, cooperation and long lasting business relationships. Having built a strong and modern brand with items to interest a wide range of end users, your company will benefit from our collaboration.

Proactive decision making and regular communication with our customers, putting them at the heart of what is important, has led to the growth of our business. Working with Boniplas will help to take the complications, hassle and supply chain difficulties out of your purchasing process.

The brand name has been developed to emphasise a desire for High Quality, Exceptional Standards and Beautifully Designed products. Taken from the Latin word ‘bonitas’ (The good quality of something; goodness, excellence) and the Scottish or Geordie ‘bonnie’ (beautiful, attractive, nice) it reflects our ethos and ethics.

Our Mission Statement:


Provision of high quality, design-led products to wholesalers and distributors across the UK , through long-lasting relationships, trust and outstanding customer service. Leading innovation in product development and transforming the understanding and uses of our items.


Our Vision:


Stylish Living through innovative, quality products supplied at outstanding value and with trusted relationships, leading to us become the largest company in this market within 10 years.

"Our products and service speak for themselves. We thrive to deliver quality and the highest standards to all our clients leading to long lasting business relationships"

Will Rowles


Meet the Team!

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