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Sourcing & Supply

Boniplas scour the world to bring you the best possible quality products.

Our design team, work closely with customers and our factories to ensure innovative and attractive products are brought to market as quickly as possible.

We work with our customers to develop a design range to meet their needs. Samples can be provided and all goods are checked for quality and specifications prior to final ordering. Many examples of these designs are available on our website, but to see a full range please contact us to arrange a visit from our sales team.

All products can be supplied with customer own branding (dependant on volumes) and packaged suitable for point of sale and transportation.

Method of Business

 We only supply distributors and wholesalers and do not have plans to deal with direct sales. Should you wish to become a distributor or wholesaler of our products please contact us to arrange a meeting.

To find a local distributor please send an email with your location and we will be pleased to forward details to you if suitable.

All contracts for sale are agreed between our representatives and businesses looking to enhance their supply chain. 

Minimum order quantities apply to each design and total volume of order. For more details please speak to our sales team.

Payment Terms 

While we understand that customers want to get the best terms possible, to ensure the best possible prices and supply, our standard terms require deposits to be paid in advance and balance on delivery.

Full details of this will be agreed with each customer prior to any sales taking place. For further details please contact our sales team.

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